Monthly Archive September 2017

Make-up trends this year


• Healthy and well-looked after skin with the effect of glow;

Not so long time ago, we did our best to get rid of shiny skin , using matting cosmetics as well as powder. Nevertheless, in the current list of fashion trends has expanded “wet skin” effect light glow. This trend looks very natural and stylish. Radiant skin allows us to emphasize the natural beauty.

• as close as possible to the effect of natural makeup nude style;

For several seasons, designers are showing rare unanimity that healthy skin and long eyelashes and lightly tinted lips adorn any girl. Shining eyes and soft lips look most natural in make-up spring-summer 2017 in nude style.  This make-up looks perfect on a smooth skin and well-groomed eyebrows. This effect is achieved is not easy – this will take a good care of the skin, as well as the use of foundations and primers. Unsightly under eye circles, redness and tiny pimples require careful treating.

• familiar to all variety Smokey eyes with a modern twist;

This classic technique in a make-up, is a “smoky eye” effect, it is widely popular.  smokey eyes makeup  is effective in very different conditions. This makeup technique is constantly improving as a range of colour palettes for smokey eyes has expanded considerably, thus allows to create a suitable and particular combination of colours to your colour type.

• Use the eyeliner and circular liner to create the effect of “cat’s eye”;

Create a distinctive “look predator” is easy with the help of eyeliner. it will become more aggressive and bright make-up. You can use various eyeliner makeup techniques. Wide and raised in the direction of the temples of the liner can be either single or double. If there is a circular eye liner, as well as the putting on shadows dark tones.

• graphic makeup – is a major trend for the evening make-up;

Graphic make-up, which appeared recently, is a concise, but very spectacular and provocative variant makeup 2017. To some extent, this type of make-up resembles Japanese Kabuki theater, with its distinctive aesthetics.

• festive makeup in “metallic” style.

In addition to the above options make-up is a trend to use the effect of “metallic”. using on the eyelids glitter or sequins look very catchy and is optimally suits for the festive makeup – when you want to “show off” in the literal sense. Daring and spectacular fashionable look can be created with metallic eyeshadows. this technique makeup 2017 can be used to create daily and even as a business/ work makeup. Tint shadow effect “metallic” should be selected so as to create a winning combination in contrast with the colour of the eye.