Airbrush MakeUp

Airbrush MakeUp


AIRBRUSH MakeUp is contactless makeup a directed stream of air with Special natural cosmetics applied on body or face. The Stream particles are so microscopic so covering the skin with light, barely noticeable “veil” that creates a feeling of clear skin without makeup at all. The makeup looks absolutely natural and covers all skin imperfections.

Airbrush makes perfect face as if someone’d have cleverly touched up your face in Photoshop, but only in life.

That it means that your Wedding photos and video at the beginning and to the end of the wedding are going to be perfect!

Airbrushing uses cosmetic products that do not contain alcohol or oils, so it is safe for even the most sensitive skin at any age under any circumstances.

At the same time, cosmetics that are used for applying the airbrush is easy to wash off with your usual makeup remover.

Airbrush perfectly mattes the skin and stays on a face up to 24 hours​


Temptu’s precision application works as the ultimate ‘magic eraser’. Fine lines, pores, blemishes and discolouration disappear in an instant. Even rosacea and acne scars can be masked.

The technology of Temptu transforms the Airpod Foundation into a micro-fine mist, creating sheer, weightless layers of build able coverage proven to deliver less makeup for a more perfected finish.

No lines. No streaking. Just an even, soft-focus finish.


Perfect for Wddings and Special Event Makeups



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