Get ready for your Big Day rightly

Get ready for your Big Day rightly


What it is necessary to understand before starting to apply everyday make-up, and even more so, a wedding …?

It always depends on a bride, who does not know what she wants or wants at all or once from different styles. It is necessary to ask three questions: what are you going to do, why and where? Make-up is the mood of your soul and more of a draw. In life, when approaching any decision, even the simplest one, one must first foresee the final result. Therefore it is good, if a woman in her head will collect a complete picture of how she wants to look today. Wedding is not an exception – all brides on this day want to be unreal beauties, and the makeup option “to the maximum” can play out of favor.

Make-up – like clothes: and you would not go out to public naked, and if you just put everything on, it looks weird too. Photos from a big day will remain with you for a long time and it is better to take care of the quality of the image in advance. To do this, you need to bring the skin in order in advance, and not leave everything on the last day. Good effect on the skin of face gives a special massage, at least twice a week.

I do not recommend going to the solarium on the eve before the wedding. If a pimple suddenly appeared a spot – not a problem, the main thing is that you can camouflage it. This requires special cosmetics. The main thing is not to pick and squeeze them before the wedding. It will only get worse …

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